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Daily Granola

Finding Your Inner Hippy One Day at a Time

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All Members , Moderated
This community is dedicated to providing at least one small lifestyle change you can make easily each day in order to support the liberal agenda. However, even non-liberals might find themselves agreeing with some of the ideas posted on the site. Debate is encouraged, but trolls will be banned.

The best ideas can be easily incorporated into one's lifestyle easily without costing too much money. They are win-win solutions, in which someone can benefit themselves and help the country, the world, and the progressive movement all at once.

If you are new to Daily Granola, start here with 10 simple actions you do once that bring back benefits to you, the environment, your country, and progressive causes again and again. If you want to introduce yourself to us or see who we are, go here.

Ideas are archived and navigable at DailyGranola.com - divided out by which area of your life each suggestion ties into.

Any member can post, just please follow these guidelines:
1. Give your post a title so someone can easily find it if they are searching the Calendar view.
2. Link your idea to a liberal concept such as environmentalism, corporate responsibility, social justice, etc.
3. Provide concrete steps someone can follow to use the idea you post.
4. Post additional links or facts someone can use to learn more about the larger issue you are concerned about or get involved politically if they wish.
5. Posts should encourage a change in habits, rather than a one-time monetary contribution to a cause.

I am moderating the posts, so please follow the guidelines above. Otherwise I will recommend you add your post as a comment or put it in a different community. I want to keep this community egalitarian, but I also want it to be easy to navigate, especially in Calendar view.

Communities we <3: environment, save_the_earth, vegancooking, angry_hippy, feminist
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