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Cook Your Own Food

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Cook Your Own Food

It's not always possible, but when it is - skip the prepared food. It's easy to grab a granola bar on the go, or stop by Subway for dinner - but it's often not too much more work to pack some leftovers in a reusable container for lunch or throw together a healthy stir fry for dinner.

I've tried to post enough easy and varied recipes in this community so that anyone who is learning to cook or trying to find the time and opportunity to cook for themselves will find it easy.
In my opinion, the best recipes:
  • are healthy
  • are versatile
  • contain few ingredients
  • contain cheap ingredients
  • contain ingredients that can live on the shelf indefinitely without rotting
  • are easy and quick to make
  • taste great!
Reasons to make your own food?
  • By choosing the ingredients, you control how healthy the dish is
  • You can control whether or not you eat trans-fats
  • You can control the amount of sodium
  • You can choose local ingredients
  • You can choose organic ingredients
  • It's often easy to convert a recipe to be vegetarian or vegan when you make it yourself
  • If you know how to cook, then avoiding companies that contribute to conservative politicians or lobby for harmful policies is EASY!
For example, you can go get buttery corn from Boston Market... but it's just as easy to get organic corn for 25 cents an ear from the farmer's market, microwave it for 3 minutes, and squeeze some lime juice on it (and add chili powder to make it really delicious). It does require thinking ahead enough to buy the corn at the farmer's market - but if you can manage to do that, you are 3 minutes away from a side dish that is organic, grown locally, and less fattening than the Boston Market alternative.

This community is about a change in habits. If you have a few memorized dishes up your sleeve, then you can keep most of the ingredients in the house and shopping for the perishable items as needed will be easy. It's not an immediate change you can make if your idea of cooking is grabbing an Uncle Ben's rice bowl from the freezer and microwaving on high for 5 minutes - but gradually you can do it, one recipe at a time.

By the way - if cooking will just never be your thing - some food chains are adjusting to the market sector that wants to eat organic & healthy but faces the reality of a fast-paced modern life. In the northeastern U.S., one such chain is O'Naturals.
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