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Drink Tanqueray Instead of Bacardi

Need a drink to celebrate the indictment of Tom DeLay?

Drink Tanqueray Instead of Bacardi

Yesterday Tom DeLay, the Republican House Majority Leader, was indicted on felony charges of criminal conspiracy. The crime? Laundering illegal campaign contributions from companies such as Bacardi, Sears, and Cracker Barrel. He's already stepped down from his leadership position in the House.

A few years ago, Texas had a Democratic state government. Tom DeLay raised a LOT of money (some of it illegally) and used it to make sure enough Republican state representatives won to make the state government Republican. Once that was done, he had them re-district 8 years too early, drawing the lines around the new districts in such a way that tons of new Republicans would win for the U.S. House. This is called gerrymandering, and it's illegal (although that's not what he's in the dog house for now). In 2004, it worked. Voila! Seven shiny new Republicans went to Washington. Think of how much awful legislation America and the world has to thank for it. For example, today they are trying to trash the Endangered Species Act.

Texas has very few campaign laws. In fact, they have, like, one. And Tom DeLay broke it. His political action committee, TRMPAC (Texans for a Republican Majority PAC), received $190,000 (at least) from corporations. That would've been illegal - but they didn't accept the checks. They sent them to Ken Mehlman at the Republican National Committee. Then the RNC cashed the checks, and wrote TRMPAC checks for the exact same amounts of money. And that was illegal. He's up for 6 mos to 2 years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine if convicted.

Why Tanqueray? I believe they donate to the Democrats. I just checked Buy Blue and found nothing, but I think I found it on Choose the Blue, back when it still existed. Need a nice drink to make with it? Try this.
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