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One for the USA, One for all of us

Through October 11 of this year the US Interior Department is taking feedback on how to develop a federal energy leasing plan through 2012 for all areas of the Outer Continental Shelf. Drilling for oil and natural gas along all the oceanic coastlines of the US are possibly going to be up for grab by the energy suppliers. This action is purported to lower our dependence on foreign sources. Instead of looking at options that have a high degree of risk for the environment, they should be forcing these same companies to pursue development of alternative renewable energy sources. Go to this article and follow the link at the end of it to give them your input on offshore drilling.

This one is for all of us. When you buy items at the store do you say paper or plastic? I didn't realize that plastic bags have become such a problem worldwide until I read this MSNBC article. Most stores in my area, other than grocery, don't offer you a choice. I know that the plastic ones are cheaper, which is why many stores use them instead of paper. Canvas tote bags can be purchased or made at home for very little money. They are washable and reusable. It makes sense to use them whenever we can. I have been recycling the plastic bags as much as possible for a long time. They are great for lining waste baskets, using as mini-garment bags to protect the tops of clothes I don't wear very often, toting books back and forth to the library, rolled up and stuffed into the sides of boxes as an alternative to packing peanuts are just a few of the ways to reuse the multitude of plastic bags that accumulate from every trip to a store. I can't totally eliminate them from my life, but the use of canvas totes will help end having to find more uses for them.
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