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Making a difference

Ussually its pretty hard to convince other people that less is more or that they should make some sort of lifestyle changes, but by offering your support you can make the biggest difference. Some ideas:

shopping indie (independant) is a great alternative since you support local artists (many who cater to special needs, ie vegetarian friendly yarn, organic t shirts, handmade vegan soaps and shampoos,etc.

Some places: I have a bunch of links to indie designers on my website, Midnightsky Fibers (click on "links"), other places to look: The Sampler, Craft Revolution, or the switchboards directory ( (go to forums>directory)

other cool places would be thrift stores or trading for what you need (want?). IMO thrift stores rock my world since they are (ussually, you should check) supporting a group in need or a helpful organization. (mine supports my local senior center since the city wont fund them).

Plus, it gets ridof the guilt complex for some people- the clothes were already bought from x company (and for soem veg*ns, the animal(s) are already dead), so its good to be able to reuse items that would otherwise end up in a landfill taking up space.
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