danyell lyn (affectionjunkie) wrote in daily_granola,
danyell lyn

un-dry cleaning

 I have a navy peacot that was given to me by a dry cleaner about 8 years ago that I've never had to wash.  Since it is still in good condition, I'd like to keep using it next winter, but now living with a cat (see icon) the coat has become covered in hair.  Since it is made with wool, I was wondering if it has to be dry cleaned?  

I know dry cleaning is pretty bad for the environment, and there are no "organic dry cleaners" in my area. With "dry clean" only dresses I usually just wash them like normal and hang them up to dry.  With a coat this big and heavy, is that possible?  With washing it and hanging it up, there will probably still be mass amounts of hair hair on it though.

Anyone with personal experience, stories, or ideas?
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