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Buy Blue and Green for Mother's Day Gifts

Buy Green for Mother's Day Gifts

Not sure yet what to get for Mother's Day? Because fresh flowers require pesticides to grow, refrigeration to survive and transportation by truck and plane to get in the stores before they wither, the National Wildlife Federation recommends buying Organic Flowers. Better yet, get her gardening supplies! As for me, I'm buying my mom a certificate for a massage.

Buy Blue - Love Mom, Not Wal-Mart

The Love Mom, Not Wal-Mart campaign is in the news calling on all Americans to NOT buy their Mother's Day gifts at Wal-Mart.

What does Wal-Mart have to do with Mother's Day? They are widely accused of discriminating against women by promoting few women and not paying them well. More facts about this are located in the House of Representatives Wal-Mart PDF.

As you'll see in this graph of average wages (from the NY Times), if you need to go to a Big Box retailer for your shopping, Costco is a better choice than Wal-Mart by far.

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