July 6th, 2005

Take a Vacation

Mother Jones magazine ran an article saying that Americans forfeit an average of 3 days of paid vacation apiece. Do not be part of this statistic.

Take a Vacation

This issue of Mother Jones highlights the labor movement's contribution to our society. If it weren't for organizations like the AFL-CIO, what would ergonomics standards be like? How about minimum wage? Or the right to unionize or strike?

Take a look at Mother Jones - you can even check out a radio broadcast about the future of labor from last Sunday. You can also look at websites such as PurpleOcean.org (part of SEIU and a convenient way to oppose Wal-Mart). Take advantage of the rights they fought to give you by taking a vacation of at least 3 days (statistics show it takes you 3 days on a vacation before you can relax).

I am an American who wants to "stay and fight" but if I ever *do* move to Europe, the amount of vacation days will be a large factor in the decision. My company in the UK gave 4 weeks of paid vacation per year to their new hires - versus 2 weeks at my current job in the US.