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Buy Levis Over Guess

Buy Levis Over Guess

About one quarter of all pesticides used in the world are used for cotton (which is what denim is made from). Also, sweatshop labor is used, by and large, for clothing such as blue jeans.

How can you make choices to fix this? The unfortunate thing is: it will cost you. You can find organic cotton clothing. You can find organic hemp jeans. However, they were probably still made in sweatshops in China. Until we are prepared to pay $300 for a pair of jeans, that will be the case.

If you are on a budget, what you can do is choose the lesser of the evils. As far as normal brand names are concerned, Levis has a mixed but altogether not so bad record. Guess? is pretty much as bad as it gets.

Buy Organic Clothing
Vendor/Comments Sweatshop Free Organic
Real Goods
Their clothing selection is limited and their goods are pricy. They sell more than just clothes.
Some Yes
American Apparel
(they have stores in major North American & European cities & their prices are reasonable)
Yes Some
Eco-Mall - Various Vendors Varies Varies
Fair Trade Clothing Yes Probably not
Search for Organic Cotton & Hemp
Define what you are looking for and what area you are searching in
Varies Varies
Equiterre See comments See comments
No Sweat Stuff Yes Not currently - possibly in the future
Drop Soul Organics
Leaning towards pricy - but they've got some really cool items!
Yes Yes
Ethix Gear
Vegan-friendly. Three-pronged philosophy: good to animals, good to people, good to the environment.
Yes Yes - FYI, their main supplier is American Apparel.
Dank Forest
Every hemp product you can imagine...except for one :)
Yes Yes

EDITED: From the comments below - you can also shop at thrift shops (the clothing equivalent of buying recycled?)
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