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Check out The Body Shop

Check Out The Body Shop

With so many companies to avoid, here's a more positive suggestion - take a 2nd look at The Body Shop.

I'm not telling anyone to invent needs for bath products as an excuse to make unnecessary purchases, but if you do need a bath product, it's a nice place to go.

I've always known about their strong stance against testing on animals, but the founder, Anita Roddick, also wrote a foreword for a book called The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade (if you want the book, it's by David Ransom and I picked it up at an independent bookstore).

I guess the point I'd like to make is that I am not against business because it keeps our economy strong and I'm glad we're not all hunter-gatherers. However, it's not nice to have to trade off between pumping money into our stagnant economy and human rights and a clean earth.
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