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Check Out an Independent Bookstore

Check Out an Independent Bookstore

In my town, there is a feminist bookstore. It is mostly devoted to women's issues and also has a section for GLBT literature, but it sells all kinds of fiction and non-fiction. They also provide information about housing, work, counseling and other things helpful to women and the GLBT community.

I can't imagine a large chain bookstore opening up such a place. The minute they did and Focus on the Family found out, they'd be under a massive attack boycott campaign and they would be so stigmatized by it, they would probably drop the whole idea and go back to the generic PC formula that has brought them so much success to date.

The indy bookstore I mentioned has a relationship with our community. They are clearly invested in the well-being of our city, and all of their profits are reinvested locally. Not to mention it's a nice place to go and it lacks the homogeneity of any chain. Find an independent bookstore near you and pay them a visit!

(The link is for the US... This one is for the US & Canada. I had no luck looking for UK & Aussie links)
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