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Boycott Bridgestone Firestone


Boycott Bridgestone Firestone

If you buy from Bridgestone Firestone, your money is quite possibly going to pay for slave labor and child labor in Liberia.

As of now, the International Labor Rights Fund is helping 12 adult workers and 23 children bring a class action lawsuit against Bridgestone Firestone.

According to the article:

"The lawsuit claims workers get up at 4:30 a.m., then work 12 to 14 hours while using primitive tools to tap the rubber trees and collect raw latex.

"The suit also claims that Bridgestone Firestone imposes impossible quotas on the labourers and cuts their pay by half if the daily quotas are not met. In order to meet their quotas, labourers routinely have their minor children join them, the lawsuit claims.

"Labourers are paid a daily wage of $3.19 US before deductions and must tap at least 1,125 trees per day."

Bridgestone Firestone, naturally, denies all of it.

I realize U.S. law stipulates innocent until proven guilty. I'm going to take a position of boycott until proven innocent. I looked on BuyBlue and Responsible Shopper but I couldn't find a recommended alternative.
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