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Use Fabric Scraps as a Pet Bed

I've seen pet beds that are elaborate and expensive. However, as much as I love my kitties - they don't need me to spend big bucks.

Use Fabric Scraps as a Pet Bed

My cats have a fleece fetish. I really do not like buying anything made out of non-organic cotton or synthetic fibers unnecessarily (see past posts about this: 1, 2, and 3). I can't say I don't do it (I do), I just try to minimize it. The local fabric store sells off fabric remnants at insanely cheap prices - these scraps are all less than 1 yard and they won't have too much use for anyone else.

I got a bunch of fleece for a few bucks and put it on the couch, on my bed, and in the cat carrier. I got some more and sewed them (very crudely, by hand) into pockets that fit my kitchen chair cushions. The cats sit on those cushions for hours each day and it's become problematic when I have guests and the only place to sit is full of kitty litter and cat hair. Now I can just remove the fleece when I have guests.

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