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looking for a planner/organizaer

hey y'all,
as I was purchasing my Farm Sanctuary wall calender, I realized I also need to buy a large (approx 8x11) weekly/monthly calender for my new job. I would prefer to get one where:

* proceeds go to charity
* it is made by a progressive cause/company/organization
* is eco-friendly
* has something to do with animals

I realize, I might not get all 4 of these, but does anyone have any ideas if one of these things exists?

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sweatshop free in NYC?


Just moved to Brooklyn. Partner needs to buy pants and wants them to be sweatshop free and good for the environment, etc. So far the only place I've been able to find (that is in our price range of under $100) is American Apparel, who I am on the fence with.

any thoughts or suggestions. She likes to be able to try them on, so online or catalog doesn't work.

Thanks for anything you got for me!
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Same old myth - now with debunkable numbers

I've always been suspicious of the claim that it is better to use a dishwasher than to do dishes by hand. Umbra Fisk's latest item repeats that claim and she gets a round of flack from several commenters including me (#7).

Note that my complaint is about the blanket promotion of dishwashers without any consideration of how hand washing can be more efficient. I am not trying to say that no one should use a dishwasher, just that it is misleading to promote it as a 'green' choice for home use.

I think that promoting dishwashers as green is a little like promoting paper plates as a water conservation plan. Yes, I've had people try to pull that one as an excuse for using paper at a party. If you are trying to save yourself some time and hassle then honestly state that but don't claim it's 'eco-friendly'.

un-dry cleaning

 I have a navy peacot that was given to me by a dry cleaner about 8 years ago that I've never had to wash.  Since it is still in good condition, I'd like to keep using it next winter, but now living with a cat (see icon) the coat has become covered in hair.  Since it is made with wool, I was wondering if it has to be dry cleaned?  

I know dry cleaning is pretty bad for the environment, and there are no "organic dry cleaners" in my area. With "dry clean" only dresses I usually just wash them like normal and hang them up to dry.  With a coat this big and heavy, is that possible?  With washing it and hanging it up, there will probably still be mass amounts of hair hair on it though.

Anyone with personal experience, stories, or ideas?
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Don't forget!

Earth Hour starts in a few hours in some parts of the world. From 8:30-9:30pm local time turn off all unnecessary power usage. e.g. lights in empty rooms, unplug chargers, do the laundry and dishes after 9:30, switch off the computer and TV and read for an hour instead.

This is not a solution to the climate crisis but it is a statement of solidarity with the world and intent to live a a more conscious lower energy lifestyle. This is not about shivering in the dark which is an infantile scare tactic used by people lacking the imagination to live a better life.

kitchen compost container

I just discovered that an urban farm in my town has a place to drop off compostable scraps. I was thrilled by this discovery as I live in apartment with no place for compost (and a roommate not amenable to the concept of a worm bin) so this would be perfect. Not being able to compost has been annoying me because fruit and veggie leavings are by far the bulk of what I put in the garbage.

This place is near where I shop for groceries, the library branch, etc. so I could probably hope to stop by there once a week--but that's not guaranteed. It's far enough away that I wouldn't want to drive there just to drop off compost. So I don't know if just getting, say, a bucket with a snug lid and sticking it in the corner of the kitchen is going to work or if I'll be growing a swarm of fruit flies (not to mention smells) by doing so. I don't want to spend a lot of money and I want something easy enough to encourage my roommate to use it too. It's just the two of us cooking for ourselves when we have time, so we don't produce a ton of food waste, but I'm sure as many of you know if you buy most of your produce fresh and prepare it yourself there are plenty of scraps.

sustainable agriculture

hey everybody, I'm doing a project for a class I'm in about sustainable agriculture. my focus is on the local vs. big agriculture issue, and the ways world trade plays into food systems. Can anyone recommend resources (websites are best, books would be good too) ?