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Fresh, local, naturally grown in the Bangor, Maine area! [10 Apr 2010|10:44am]

Just wanted to let anyone who is interested know that Stone Soup Collaborative Farms website is up, including a new farming blog
in which my collaborator will soon join me in writing about our farms, food and life.

It's spring... we're all busy!
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[04 Mar 2010|08:21am]

New Brunswick-area businesses say they won't use, sell products with Triclosan.

If you live near New Brunswick, NJ you might want to take advantage of the 10% discount trade in offered by this co-op.
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looking for a planner/organizaer [28 Jan 2010|08:31am]

hey y'all,
as I was purchasing my Farm Sanctuary wall calender, I realized I also need to buy a large (approx 8x11) weekly/monthly calender for my new job. I would prefer to get one where:

* proceeds go to charity
* it is made by a progressive cause/company/organization
* is eco-friendly
* has something to do with animals

I realize, I might not get all 4 of these, but does anyone have any ideas if one of these things exists?

x-posted to veganism
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sweatshop free in NYC? [24 Sep 2009|02:09pm]


Just moved to Brooklyn. Partner needs to buy pants and wants them to be sweatshop free and good for the environment, etc. So far the only place I've been able to find (that is in our price range of under $100) is American Apparel, who I am on the fence with.

any thoughts or suggestions. She likes to be able to try them on, so online or catalog doesn't work.

Thanks for anything you got for me!
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Keep the lid on [17 May 2009|10:57pm]

A nice summary of why bottled water is bad choice in most situations. (The link should open in iTunes.)
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Same old myth - now with debunkable numbers [08 May 2009|10:31am]

I've always been suspicious of the claim that it is better to use a dishwasher than to do dishes by hand. Umbra Fisk's latest item repeats that claim and she gets a round of flack from several commenters including me (#7).

Note that my complaint is about the blanket promotion of dishwashers without any consideration of how hand washing can be more efficient. I am not trying to say that no one should use a dishwasher, just that it is misleading to promote it as a 'green' choice for home use.

I think that promoting dishwashers as green is a little like promoting paper plates as a water conservation plan. Yes, I've had people try to pull that one as an excuse for using paper at a party. If you are trying to save yourself some time and hassle then honestly state that but don't claim it's 'eco-friendly'.
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un-dry cleaning [02 May 2009|04:24pm]

 I have a navy peacot that was given to me by a dry cleaner about 8 years ago that I've never had to wash.  Since it is still in good condition, I'd like to keep using it next winter, but now living with a cat (see icon) the coat has become covered in hair.  Since it is made with wool, I was wondering if it has to be dry cleaned?  

I know dry cleaning is pretty bad for the environment, and there are no "organic dry cleaners" in my area. With "dry clean" only dresses I usually just wash them like normal and hang them up to dry.  With a coat this big and heavy, is that possible?  With washing it and hanging it up, there will probably still be mass amounts of hair hair on it though.

Anyone with personal experience, stories, or ideas?
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Don't forget! [27 Mar 2009|10:44am]

Earth Hour starts in a few hours in some parts of the world. From 8:30-9:30pm local time turn off all unnecessary power usage. e.g. lights in empty rooms, unplug chargers, do the laundry and dishes after 9:30, switch off the computer and TV and read for an hour instead.

This is not a solution to the climate crisis but it is a statement of solidarity with the world and intent to live a a more conscious lower energy lifestyle. This is not about shivering in the dark which is an infantile scare tactic used by people lacking the imagination to live a better life.
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kitchen compost container [13 Mar 2009|04:16pm]

I just discovered that an urban farm in my town has a place to drop off compostable scraps. I was thrilled by this discovery as I live in apartment with no place for compost (and a roommate not amenable to the concept of a worm bin) so this would be perfect. Not being able to compost has been annoying me because fruit and veggie leavings are by far the bulk of what I put in the garbage.

This place is near where I shop for groceries, the library branch, etc. so I could probably hope to stop by there once a week--but that's not guaranteed. It's far enough away that I wouldn't want to drive there just to drop off compost. So I don't know if just getting, say, a bucket with a snug lid and sticking it in the corner of the kitchen is going to work or if I'll be growing a swarm of fruit flies (not to mention smells) by doing so. I don't want to spend a lot of money and I want something easy enough to encourage my roommate to use it too. It's just the two of us cooking for ourselves when we have time, so we don't produce a ton of food waste, but I'm sure as many of you know if you buy most of your produce fresh and prepare it yourself there are plenty of scraps.
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sustainable agriculture [28 Jan 2009|04:25pm]

hey everybody, I'm doing a project for a class I'm in about sustainable agriculture. my focus is on the local vs. big agriculture issue, and the ways world trade plays into food systems. Can anyone recommend resources (websites are best, books would be good too) ?
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Forever Plastic [23 Jan 2009|09:08am]

Here's a good documentary on problem of plastic:
Forever Plastic
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[14 Jan 2009|10:53pm]
Hi... I'm coming back to this community after a LONG absence. I used to post as OrangeClouds115, BUT I can't figure out how to log into that account anymore!! Anyway, here's what I've got to share...

The year or so I spent building up this community and posting regularly here gave me a much larger awareness about the importance of sustainable and humane food. Believe it or not, I got so into the subject that I'm actually writing a book about it now (it'll be out in July). And I've found a bunch of great food blogs and started one of my own. If you're also interested in sustainable food, check out the following blogs (and set up syndication here if you'd like, too):

My Blog - La Vida Locavore
Chews Wise - blog of author Sam Fromartz
Civil Eats - a relatively new blog with great writers
Eating Liberally
The Ethicurean - one of my favorites!
The Green Fork - The blog of Eat Well Guide
Grist - where you can read the fantastic work of Tom Philpott
Irresistable Fleet of Bicycles
www.livablefutureblog.com/ - Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins University
Not In My Food - Consumers Union's blog
What to Eat - Professor, author, and goddess Marion Nestle's blog
U.S. Food Policy
Yale Sustainable Food Project

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TV for tonight [01 Jan 2009|06:02pm]

CBC is running "An Inconvenient Truth" tonight at 8pm.
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Green Boots? [30 Nov 2008|12:15am]

Hi Guys!
So, for christmas I am asking for these boots, but I am curious if they will actually repel water and snow? They're wool felt, Simple shoes... I just thought maybe someone in the community had some thoughts. I have a pair of their sneakers and I LOVE them, but I am just worried that living in Grand Rapids Michigan I might end up regretting getting the eco-friendly boots if they don't repel water and snow..

Thoughts? Would a repellent work on these? There are also cotton ones I was looking at too...

And I totally recommend this company if you are going to buy new shoes!
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[13 Oct 2008|04:19pm]

One of the best things you can do right now is email all your Canadian friends and family to tell them to vote strategically against the footdragging Harper government. Check Vote for Climate for the best candidates in each riding who are most likely to defeat the Conservatives.

We need to change our politicians even more than our lightbulbs!
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New community [09 Oct 2008|05:29pm]

Hi folks,

Sorry if you get this message more than once, I'm cross-posting to a few communities. I am looking for members for a new community, csa_chat, for talking about Community Supported Agriculture.

If you are a member of a CSA, or are interested in what happens when you are a member, please join the community! I hope to discuss regional foods, recipes, and to have a forum where people can answer questions about what the heck to do with that big bunch of mustard greens that came with this week's share.
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clothing? [21 Sep 2008|04:08pm]

Hey all!
Daily earth-friendly action you can take: help a friend make eco-friendly choices!
so.... if you want to help *me*... here's the puzzle.

95% of my closet was not purchased new. I make, re-make, buy secondhand, or elsewise accumulate cool stuff.
so the 5% that remains is socks and underwear. I don't want to spend tons on them, I don't care how high the thread count is or where the cotton came from, I just want some good, solid, useable, organic stuff from a company that isn't powered by the sweat of small children. Where can I look?

leave a comment -- recommend a website -- give me sewing patterns -- whatever you can do! Thanks!
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connect2earth [06 Aug 2008|10:31am]

Not sure if anyone has seen this site yet -  but it's a joint project with WWF, the IUCN and Nokia callled connect2earth.

You can upload content expressing your ideas on how to improve our world - each month the winner gets a phone and then the super winner gets to share their ideas at the World Conservation Congress in October.

Just thought I'd post it in case you want to sign up and upload some ideas . . .
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Sustainable goals for housing complex? [12 Jul 2008|09:32pm]

Inspired by the last post, I thought I might be able to get some more ideas from you all.

I live in a 400-some apartment housing co-op, with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. We have a sustainability committee and have been trying to come up with doable ideas for projects.

Things we have managed to get accomplished this year:
- when apartments are cleaned out (after someone moves), low-flow shower heads are being installed
- recycling bins have been painted green and have a list of items allowed in them
- compost bins have been implemented
- monthly news item in e-newsletter
- increased awareness of proper hazardous and electronic waste disposal (still needs work though)

Things we are thinking about:
- more trees planted in order to have more shade to protect the grass from drying out so quickly
- better garden care (plots aren't allowed to rest after a year)
- rain barrels for garden use
- biking seminar to teach people about bike maintenance and pathway system

We have been encouraged by management working with us on our previous projects that we want to dream. Any ideas??
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a little more green [10 Jul 2008|10:16pm]

Each year for the last three years, I have tried to take on one new green habit. I am getting increasingly frustrated with the warming of the climate and have tried to do things that decrease my impact overall.

Three years ago, I switched to compact florescent bulbs for household use. My house already uses standard florescent for bulbs for the bedroom. Now, I replace all bulbs with compact florescent.

Two years ago, I decided to get off catalog lists. This was not very effective until I found CatalogChoice.org but the website works very well. If you order a lot of stuff on-line, like me, you probably get a lot of paper catalogs. I still get a few, but no where near as many as I used to.

This year, I took on the plastic bag problem. I collected all my tote bags, and got a few for free or very cheap at garage sales. They don't match and they aren't pretty (except the Target ones I got at a fundraiser) but I don't get plastic bags anymore. And being all different sizes, I can really be efficient about packing them. It only took me a couple of shopping trips to remember to take them with me every time. Now I am working on remembering to take them with me when shopping with the boyfriend in his car.

As happy as I am with the changes I have made, believe me, this does not strike me as doing nearly enough. I try to remind myself of the other things about my life that are low impact on the environment. The biggest one is, I never had kids, that is a huge savings of household consumption and waste. My job does require me to drive locally, but never to fly. I don't drink bottled water. I subscribe to a local organic farm all summer, so my fresh produce from June to October is organic and not shipped from overseas. Plus I freeze the excess, so I have frozen produce in the winter as well. I recycle everything that my village takes. My boyfriend and I are very creative about second hand shopping for home improvement and decor items, so that I rarely buy anything new for the house. We either reuse something I already have, or find what we want at house and garage sales. The boyfriend is also a volunteer at a second hand store, so he gets lots of great bargains there.

Lately, I have been experimenting with tips from the hypermilers. I have taken to coasting with my foot off the gas when possible, especially coming up to a stop or red light. Just making this one little change has definitely stretched how long a tank of gas lasts. I am working on gas mileage numbers to track this, but so far, I am pleased with the results. With my regular driving habits (too fast) I was using a tank every seven to eight days. My last full tank lasted 12 days of regular use (work, shopping). I realized with this experiment that I am also very efficient in my shopping habits. My regular stops are mostly right on the way to and from work, so I rarely drive specifically to shop. My boyfriend does our grocery shopping when he does his elderly father's, so he saves a trip there, too. He still gets plastic bags, but I need some for cat litter and for kitchen garbage, so I let that go.

So what changes have you made to make your life a little more green? I am prepared to feel totally inadequate at your great ideas..... ;-)
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