katakanadian (katakanadian) wrote in daily_granola,

Same old myth - now with debunkable numbers

I've always been suspicious of the claim that it is better to use a dishwasher than to do dishes by hand. Umbra Fisk's latest item repeats that claim and she gets a round of flack from several commenters including me (#7).

Note that my complaint is about the blanket promotion of dishwashers without any consideration of how hand washing can be more efficient. I am not trying to say that no one should use a dishwasher, just that it is misleading to promote it as a 'green' choice for home use.

I think that promoting dishwashers as green is a little like promoting paper plates as a water conservation plan. Yes, I've had people try to pull that one as an excuse for using paper at a party. If you are trying to save yourself some time and hassle then honestly state that but don't claim it's 'eco-friendly'.
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