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kitchen compost container

I just discovered that an urban farm in my town has a place to drop off compostable scraps. I was thrilled by this discovery as I live in apartment with no place for compost (and a roommate not amenable to the concept of a worm bin) so this would be perfect. Not being able to compost has been annoying me because fruit and veggie leavings are by far the bulk of what I put in the garbage.

This place is near where I shop for groceries, the library branch, etc. so I could probably hope to stop by there once a week--but that's not guaranteed. It's far enough away that I wouldn't want to drive there just to drop off compost. So I don't know if just getting, say, a bucket with a snug lid and sticking it in the corner of the kitchen is going to work or if I'll be growing a swarm of fruit flies (not to mention smells) by doing so. I don't want to spend a lot of money and I want something easy enough to encourage my roommate to use it too. It's just the two of us cooking for ourselves when we have time, so we don't produce a ton of food waste, but I'm sure as many of you know if you buy most of your produce fresh and prepare it yourself there are plenty of scraps.
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