Talitha, Cassia, and Tim in Uganda (tandcinuganda) wrote in daily_granola,
Talitha, Cassia, and Tim in Uganda


Hey all!
Daily earth-friendly action you can take: help a friend make eco-friendly choices!
so.... if you want to help *me*... here's the puzzle.

95% of my closet was not purchased new. I make, re-make, buy secondhand, or elsewise accumulate cool stuff.
so the 5% that remains is socks and underwear. I don't want to spend tons on them, I don't care how high the thread count is or where the cotton came from, I just want some good, solid, useable, organic stuff from a company that isn't powered by the sweat of small children. Where can I look?

leave a comment -- recommend a website -- give me sewing patterns -- whatever you can do! Thanks!
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