Avocado (dravogadro) wrote in daily_granola,

Sustainable goals for housing complex?

Inspired by the last post, I thought I might be able to get some more ideas from you all.

I live in a 400-some apartment housing co-op, with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. We have a sustainability committee and have been trying to come up with doable ideas for projects.

Things we have managed to get accomplished this year:
- when apartments are cleaned out (after someone moves), low-flow shower heads are being installed
- recycling bins have been painted green and have a list of items allowed in them
- compost bins have been implemented
- monthly news item in e-newsletter
- increased awareness of proper hazardous and electronic waste disposal (still needs work though)

Things we are thinking about:
- more trees planted in order to have more shade to protect the grass from drying out so quickly
- better garden care (plots aren't allowed to rest after a year)
- rain barrels for garden use
- biking seminar to teach people about bike maintenance and pathway system

We have been encouraged by management working with us on our previous projects that we want to dream. Any ideas??
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